Thursday, September 30, 2010

Warner Nickerson Golf Classic, Dodge Boots, Droid is Broken

Made it over to my first ever Warner Nickerson Golf Classic yesterday.  Awesome.  He puts on a great tournament and we lucked out with some perfect weather.  Owl's Nest Golf Club was a pretty epic venue.  Pretty hilly on the back and some reallllly amazing scenery.  Plus, I even won closest to the pin on the 10th hole...sickkkk (too bad I was terrible on nearly every other shot).

The tournament was a ton of fun though, and all the proceeds were going to support Warner, David Adam's Memorial Sailing Center, and the Gunstock Ski Club.  All great causes.  It was really awesome to see everyone come out to support Warner.  He's a really stand up guy and just one of those people who everyone is always really psyched for whenever you see he had a good result.  He's killing it right now, is ranked 31st in the world, and will be racing in quite a few World Cups this year.  Couldn't be more pumped for him. Way to go w!

I was also fortunate enough to be grouped with 3 guys (who I hadn't met before) who were a ton of fun and really interesting to talk to.  We may not have won, mayyyy have only been about 13 missed putts shy of that, but it was great to spend a few hours with them.  My group was Scott MacPherson the BC head alpine coach, and Dodge Ski Boot founders Dave Dodge and Bill Doble.  I have been following the evolution of the Dodge Ski Boot for a while now and have always been intrigued.  Everything I had been hearing had all sounded amazing and truly cutting edge.  After talking with them about it further and hearing their theories and experiences more in depth (along with seeing the obvious success the boot is having with Warner and others) I have decided to switch to the Dodge Boot this season.  I will be traveling to their shop early next week to be fit for the boot.  I always get excited about new equipment, but this in particular I am ridiculously pumped about.  I suggest you check out their website and learn more about the boot, because it really is very cool and they make some pretty interesting points. (Plus Bill does a good job with the blog, staying up to date on the production process and results, while keeping it fun to read) Heres the link to their site: Dodge Ski Boots

On to the very unfortunate news...

Last Christmas I was lucky enough to have gotten the gift of a Motorola Droid.  I'm a pretty big nerd, and this was one thing I was pretty much obsessed with.  I used it for just about everything and I would actually have some pictures of the tournament for you buttttt the night before I was climbing out of my car and didn't realize my phone was in my lap.  Dropped onto the ground and boom goes the dynamite, no more working screen.  I kinda figured a cable had come undone so I decided I was going to take it apart and try to fix it myself.  I didn't have the tools and by the time I was ready to work on it, it was already midnight.  I decided I really wanted it for GPS the next day driving over 2 hrs to the tournament in the middle of NH, so my plan was that I was going to wake up at 545 am, go to Home Depot at 6 am when they opened to buy the tools, go home and fix it by 745 am when I had decided I had to leave.  Woke up, got the tools no problem.  Sped home, took apart the phone and found that I was right and a cable had come undone. Sweet! Put that back in, rushed to get it back together and quickly turned it on to see if the screen worked.  It came on! Hopped in the car 15 min late at 8 am and ripped out of the driveway only to realize that now the touch screen didn't work...of course.  After some fast driving and getting briefly sidetracked (since I can't do anything with a regular map anymore), I made it to the course.  The only problem now was that everyone was already driving out to their holes for the shotgun start by the time I had made it there.  Luckily I rushed a bit, hitched a ride out and met up with my group before teeing off. From there on out the day was perfect!

As far as my phone goes, it turns out that I had rushed putting it back together, screwed up and had torn a different cable.  So now I ordered that part and am waiting for it to come in.  Hopefully in a couple days the phone will be back up and running and then I can put pictures and video on the blog again...wooo! Alright, sorry for the nerd update, just a brutal part of my life.

Will let you know how this all turns out soon,


Friday, September 24, 2010

Highlight Videos

Hey everybody,
I just finished up a couple highlight videos from the past couple seasons.  I tried to keep them short, so there isn't a ton of footage but check them out: (When you start watching them, select 480p in the lower right hand corner of the video to watch them in better quality.)
GS Highlight Video
SL Highlight Video

You can find photos and more videos, as I post them, on my gallery page. I'll be posting mid-season highlights and hopefully a video blog if I can get that up and running. There is a link to my YouTube channel on my gallery page too, where you'll be able to see my whole library of videos as the season goes on.

Sitting here talking more and more about skiing makes me realize how weird it is that summer is already officially over. It really flew by... but as it gets colder, and as I continue to talk about it, I'm getting incredibly psyched to get on skis again!

Alright, nowwww its time for bed.  I had a really hard run today and I'm pretty exhausted soooo I should attempt to get some rest before heading in for a long day of work tomorrow.
Talk to you later,

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Justin getting ready on our court before our horrendous session.
So tennis was brutal to say the least... Just couldn't hit the ball cleanly, probably due at least partially to my legs being really tired from lifting. This really affected my movement and therefore my ability to set up for a shot.

Who knows, basically I sucked out there and unlike normal Justin was having a bad day on the court too. Ohhh wellllll. Now I finally got a chance to relax a little bit anddddd of courseeeee I just realized I have to do a little work around the house. Fun fun.
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Test blog from the phone...

This is my first blog from my phone. Checking to see how it works before I go play some tennis with my cousin Justin on my "rest" day...
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Rest Day

Today is a rest day...anddddd I’m excited about it.  I am on the second day of a cleanse finishing up my 9 day nutritional cleanse cycle.  I woke up feeling a bit sore from lifting and running yesterday but probably better than I should feel.  I’m starting to have a fair amount of faith in the product that Isagenix is putting out.  I am feeling pretty alert.  Sometimes a bit tired by the time the end of the day comes around, but that is likely from working out hard.  I feel leaner and fitter than I have in years, if not ever.  I was 168.4 lbs this morning and figure I will probably be lighter tomorrow after the cleanse day is over.  I anticipate myself gaining some weight as I get off of cleanse days and more into days with workout shakes, real meals and as I put on some more muscle.  I am hoping to be competing around 170-175 lbs this year.  Rest, weight management, and strength maintenance will be very important for me as the season goes on.  
This will include light, properly planned lifting sessions during the season, as well as taking some short time periods off snow midseason to focus on dryland and really making sure my fitness is where it needs to be coming into the post season.  In other news my grandmother “Granny” is doing much better after the hip surgery.  She apparently had a very alert, painfree day but by the time I made it over to the hospital to see her in the evening she was a bit tired and groggy from the medications and the effort throughout the day.  I’m very impressed with her though.  OK well, I am sitting at work now so I suppose I should pay attention a little bit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Little Double Session

I woke up at about 6:50 this morning and struggled a bit to motivate myself to go for a run.  I decided that I would head out on a 4 miler, but when I got out there I realized I had some things to do before heading to work, including bringing something to my aunt who had spent the night in the hospital with my grandmother while she had surgery to repair her broken hip.  I decided to cut it down to a 3 mile run and that I would come back out for a second session after work.  I also decided on the way back to turn the last 1.5 miles into a bit of a fartlek/interval training.  I used the format jog, run, jog, sprint, jog, run, jog, sprint, walk...and changed tempo at each telephone pole on the way back.  It ended up being difficult but I felt good doing it.  I just got home from work and now am starting to gear up to head out for the second running session and for a light lifting/abs session as well.  Its starting to turn cold out and I am going to have to start bundling up a bit during this workout, but I’m sure I’ll be fine...Alright, time to motivate and head out into the brisk fall weather.